Shimmering Nights

Shimmering nights like this.
Making my day, my week.
Thinking of you,
With a great smile on my face.
A warmth in my heart,
Cosy to my core.

The feeling came,
So long ago,
It has stayed ever since.

Your beautiful face,
Your shining personality,
Never has left my mind,
Even as I tried.

Your return,
So sweet,
So nice.

Always brighten my day.
Has brightened my life.
No matter what has happened.
I know I can’t forget you.
Those shimmering nights,
And that’s just you,
What you do.
Just by being you.

Just by being you.
That is so true.

My favourite song I play,
Even though I’m alone.
You come through.
A beautiful melody of you.

A shimmer of light,
That brightens up any night.

Hoping I brighten your day,
In any way,
Like you do for me.

Your power,
Your truth,
Your simple beauty,
Inside and out.
A shimmering star,
A light in the dark.
A warmth at night.
Just by you,
Just by you, being you.

In those shimmering nights.

Thinking of those best nights, those beautiful nights. Beautiful ones.

Always good, always bright. Amazing people who are amazing for being them, beautiful beyond compare, just as they are.

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