Brand New Me

A brand new me,
Made to this day.

Gaining the strength I never knew,
Never knew was inside.

To this new day I come,
Ready to make the day mine.
To show my face,
Show my strength.

To help all I can.
Be all I can.
Be all I should be to help others.

I have found my strength,
Through toil and trouble.
Through those trials gone past.

Ready to face those that lie ahead.
I’m a brand new man.
Ready to show, to be.
My new found strength.
Better, stronger, yet still me.

A brand new me.

Thinking Back the Day

Thinking back the day,
Casual, nice and care.
A beautiful moment, with many.
Time with you.
Time to be.
Just merely me.

A perfect moment,
A perfect time.

Wondrous and sweet.
Such a moment.
What a time.

What a difference.

Such a perfect day.

As I think back the day.

Had a bit of a panicked moment of dread before with that last post. I’m okay, feeling much better. Thinking back on this amazing day gone past. All good and happy. A record recovery haha 😂