Beyond Compare

Beyond compare,
You are beyond compare,
The way are.

The way you look,
Make-up or not.
Work uniform, pyjamas or casual.
Your beauty shines through,
Beyond compare.

Your beauty,
Others come by,
Beauty shining through.
But you.
You stand there,
No make-up on.
And you are beyond compare.

The way you are.
Beyond compare.

Your kindness,
Sweet voice,
And those sweet moments with you.

The way you are.
Just you.
You are.
Always beyond compare.

Heartbroken to See You Cry.

Here I stand,
Watching you cry,
Trying to do what I can,
To reassure.

To be there for you.
The time of doubt,

A place of darkness.
Not wanting to leave you face it alone.
Not that you can’t take it,
But better not to, alone.

Heartbreak, at seeing one I care about the most.
Lost, sad and hurt.
The place.
Having been lost before,
I can relate.
Having myself,
Seen an end,
A final,
A end.

Not wanting to leave you to the claim of the dark.

To stand,
Even by your side.
Even just to be there in silence.
So you weren’t alone.
So you had company, care.

I, heartbroken, to see you hurt.
But yet determined.
To do anything I can.
To do anything I can.

Even to be there.
So you wouldn’t have to face the darkness alone.

I’d conquer my demons,
Just so I could stand with you to face yours.

Another storyesque, taken some artistic liberties, emotional hyperbole, linking with my past, feelings and thoughts, my being and essence.

That end stanza. One of my favourite lines/quotes I have made in the lifespan of this blog:

“I would face my demons, just to help you face yours”
– ‘Nice’Guy

This post reminds me of another poem I wrote a while ago, still mean every word, the feeling is still there, even though so much has happened in between; Anything For You, which is what I was going to name this poem, but I recognised I thought I used the name before. Read the poem and found out it’s all still true. Surprisingly. But all still true.

This is Me. This is Who I Am. I Am Me.

This is me. Who I am. I am me.
Kind, caring, strong.
There when needed,
There for the always.

A person never to falter.
Flawed, but me.
Quirky and unique,
Nerdy and me.

Finally going on strong.
Pushing past all that gets in my way.
Nothing to stand,
Between me and my goals,
Me and my care,
Me and those I care about.

Troubles to part,
To split apart and make way,
I walking through,
To claim my life.
Make mine shine.
Blinding in the sunlight.

This is me. This is who I am. I am me.

Making way for me,
And for those I care about.
Nothing to stand in the way,
Before it parts.
I stand, look and move.

Move past,
Move on.
Bringing the strength to the fore.
Mustering all the might to make the path,
Through the muck, the debris.
Building a road of gold.

Care for all.
Kindness to those special few,
Who I would give everything,
Give my all, my kindness and care.

This is me.
This is who I am.
I am me.

Seeing Through

Seeing through,
All that others limit to their sight.
Seeing behind.
Effort to see behind,
The gold behind the façade.
To see the beauty hidden.

The kindness within.
A world all walk past.
All dismiss.
Been dismissed.

I refuse.
I take a step back.
Peer deep.
Below a shallow surface.

To find why all others miss.

What is the best,
What is to be seen, cherished and held.
Only by,
By seeing through.

Writing after thinking, of a number of conversations, things, conversations with many others, the way I think. How different I am, not totally alone but few and far between. A rare gift. To look past the outer and find the gold that can only be found within. What others spend a lifetime looking for, and chance upon it if lucky. I refuse to stop looking past the shallow.

It’s in the small, unexpected places, small and sweet moments you find the true beauty of the world, encapsulated in a mere moment, a mere soul.