Orchestral World

Oh what an orchestral world,
Standing here in the midst,
In the world.
A exercise of being,
Of living.

Total wonderment of being,
How I’m here.
The people met,
The places seen,
Experiences had.

How in the world,
Do I feel, like I belong,
With my friends,
Total homeliness,
To have met such brilliant faces.

The world made bright by my touch,
Having found my way out,
Out of the dark abyss,
And into the light.

Into the light,
I had long clamoured for.
Never believing I would seen.
Standing on the cliff-face,
Staring off into the setting sun,
Tear running down my cheek.
“I have made it”.

I have found.

The orchestral world around me,
The sights of beauty,
The sounds of life,|
Feelings of being.

I have found.

This orchestral world.

Anything For Your Happiness

Seeing you at the bus stop,
Watching you, recede into the distance,
That golden smile on your face.
The memories flashing before my eyes, before my mind.

The hope for you,
Hope for you, to go on,
To see, feel, be.
Only thinking,
No matter what happens,
Seeing you happier,
Makes me smile too,
Even if a happy-sad tear drifts down my cheek.

The moment of sadness, aches,
But in the end,
Knowing that you’re there,
Wanting to do anything for your happiness,
Just to see your smile.

Even if a happy-sad tear drifts down my cheek.

Writing this, listening to Happiness by Ed Sheeran. Feeling a little happy-sad, but happy overall, totally happy and ecstatic, but thinking. Love, the feeling, wanting the best for another, being happier, even if a little sad. But overall knowing the person you care about is happier, that matters the most to me.

I know this may sound sad, but it’s not. I’m just listening to a sad song and it resonated with me, got me thinking, and inspired.

I’m stronger, happier than I have ever been. Feeling totally amazing. And I’m not sad. Just totally happy.