Blowing of the Autumn Leaves

Blowing of the autumn leaves,
The whistling of the leaves,
The cold wind blows,
The dying-dead leaves,

By the wind,
Only to drift down,
Down and.
Fallen on the floor,
To be soaked by the autumn rain,
Waiting for the coming winter.

But not quite yet.
For now,
The autumn wind blowing.
The cool wind finding its way.
Into the confines of life.

Autumn leaves drying to a crisp,
The sounds underfood,
The rustling,
The sounds.

The autumn wind blowing away the leaves,
Before, a silence.

The blowing of the autumn leaves.

Break Free From the Past

To break free from the past,
Avoid further pain.
An enticing question,
Of how to live.

The memories,
With the potential for cold erasure from my mind.
A new start.

To move on,
Move past.
A ongoing question.

Breaking free from the past.
Like I have done.
Away from the depression.
It can be done.
But can I let go?
Of the feelings.
Do I want to?

A time, a decision not-yet made.
Thoughts swirling in my mind.
A time to rest,
And to look upon,
With fresh mind.

The signs there.
Staring me in the face,
But I don’t want to see.
Reluctance to look.

The signs are there,
I best take heed.
Not to place feelings,
In vain, in waste.

The question,
To break free from my past.

Again overthinking, I’m okay, just need to wait for this to past. Watching some films and YouTube I want. Just thinking. Overthinking.

A New Endeavour

A quick post, I’m starting another category for my blog, one that focusses on trying to find, potentially being suggested, and reviewing and reflecting on other people’s poetry.

For a while I have been wanting to look for poetry to read, but not like the First World War poets or others learnt in school, ones similar and different and also both at the same time, to mine, to gather inspiration, ideas thoughts and just to add to me.

I’m planning to ask my best friend, a literature buff to help me with this. By chance looking at lists recommending poetry I have found one that I will read some and post about.