Feelings From My Heart

Feelings from my heart,
Filled at a moment’s notice,
From an unexpected place, unexpected time.

The feelings from my heart,
The warmest of feelings,
Feelings from my heart.

Memories of a time,
A place,
An odd, silly moment.
A beautiful smile,
Yours, making mine.
Would give so much,
To hold you.
Give everything,
To know you,
The true you,
Behind that beautiful smile.

Not afraid to know you,
I would stick by you,
No matter what comes.

Knowing you true of heart,
Kind of mind,
Unstoppable drive,
And a golden friend.

Feelings from my heart.

I’ve had a great day, a casual one, but an amazing one. Small moments, insignificant times that are significant to me. Enough to get up and dance alone in my room in joy, sing and be happy.

Wrote this listening to Maroon 5’s What Lovers Do.

Some Things Never Change

Somethings never change,
No matter how I do.
Everything gone past,
Everything to come to be,

A stirring in my mind.
Those simple times and moments,
Moments shared, moments held.
Moments held in the deepest, compassionate parts,
Of my mind.

Those parts that never change.
A warmth from beneath my heart,
A roar of my very being.
To live on life.
Everything’s better.
Some things never change.

Moveing past, the darkness past.
Ready to give, everything.
To give my all,
For all who care,
That is me,
This is me.
Who I will be.

Some things never change.

The idea for this poem came from Everything by Passenger

Wrote the title of this poem a week ago, and wrote the song it was spurred on by.
With this, I am thinking, happy in this current moment, blissful in thinking and creating. Trying to create anew, from the poem, the feeling. Such an amazing song.

Be There

To be there,
A simple reality,
Simple comfort.

My name,
Always a message away.
Always a call away.
Never far,
When you need me most.

Being there,
What I do,
What I try.
To show the light,
As I’ve been through my own dark.

Always to try and help,
Not letting any friend,
Face the dark alone,
Always there,
How far you need.
Be there.
For you.

Celebrating your victories.
Urging you on, in your defeats, only temporary.

To be there.
Always being there.
A pledge for myself and to you.
To be there.

For A Time

For a time once past,
A time, now gone.
But always there,
Golden in my memory,

A moment of my memory,
The associated feelings,

All. From. For.
For a time.

All gone, but in my memory,
The past enshrined.
The times remembered.

Stepping out,
Being me.
Showing. Me.

Stepping out.
Showing the true me.
Showing the truth.

My memories,
Of bliss, of pain.
Formative and summarised.
A whole encapsulation.

Of me.
For a time.

For Five Minutes of Bliss

Five minute of bliss,
Worth all of the pain.
Waiting and in pain,
My thoughts swirling around in my head,
A dark storm,
The broken glass, my mind shattered.

Walking into the glass pane,
Watching the world shatter around before me,
Watching the pieces fall and cut.
Watching a scene in the distance.
Watching hurt,
But in bliss.

Seeing happiness.

For five minutes of bliss.

A storyesque poem, thinking to the past, trying to rationalise a decision I made, I know why, but cannot totally explain, that is what this is for.

A brief summary, spending time with someone, who was always drawn away, my pain, attached to their want of someone else.

It caused me great pain. Greatest pain ever, wishing for death, torture, anything. It was torture, but only difference, it death wouldn’t end it, it wouldn’t come. Yet for a mere five minutes of bliss, even if the rest is surrounded by total, excruciating pain. It was worth it, I still stick by that, even if my closest friends urged me not to. The bliss made it, the bliss was worth it. Maybe I should have continued, maybe I shouldn’t have.

But it was worth it.

I am okay, not feeling bad writing this, but thinking, pondering, trying to explain. I’m past those depths of pain…………………………………………….

Got back to this poem almost a week after I wrote it, I found this in my ‘drafts’ and I’m going through all of the draft titles writing them and publishing.

Feeling much better, in a similar mood but happy, very very happy. Thinking of small moments where you are in total bliss.

This is a true storyesque, reading this is alien yet also familiar, I wrote it in a different time, mind and frame of reference. But it has a story that speaks to me, so I publish it better. I’m really happy.

Overthinking is painful

Overthinking, another blog on the topic.

It’s difficulty is no matter the happiness or sadness, the voice of you, the mind drawing your attention. To the bad, sad and memories. Trying to take those good memories from you, the happiest of feelings, attempted to be dulled with the overthinking.

I’m much stronger now, better than I was. Out of depression, able to cope with my feelings, even when they’re bad. I know what I can do, even though still hard. I write poems. Knowing full well that the feelings, the sadness and the overthinking will pass in not very long.

Sad Feeling of a Moment Bid Farewell

The sad feeling to a moment bid farewell.
A end, cessation.
Bidding farewell to a moment once had,
A feeling once known,
Or so I thought.

A goodbye, bitter-sweet.
A time farewell.
The slipping out my hand,
Of turning my back,
And walking away,
Off into the night.

The new to greet.
A face-turning to look back.
At what lied in my past.
A sad-broken smile.

The memories living on,
In that moment.
Before being left behind,

The sad feeling, of a moment bid farewell.

Still overthinking, not feeling too bad or sad, just overthinking. I’m very good at writing sad/love/sad love poems before bed.

Got some books ready to self-publish when I find a way and get the chance.

Remembering those moments that I don’t want to bid farewell makes me happy and I’ll do that to help. Thinking of those moments.

The momentary sadness always passes, it’s normal, it’s starting to a little after I’ve written this poem making myself feel happier. Now for a good rest.