Feelings From My Heart

Feelings from my heart,
Filled at a moment’s notice,
From an unexpected place, unexpected time.

The feelings from my heart,
The warmest of feelings,
Feelings from my heart.

Memories of a time,
A place,
An odd, silly moment.
A beautiful smile,
Yours, making mine.
Would give so much,
To hold you.
Give everything,
To know you,
The true you,
Behind that beautiful smile.

Not afraid to know you,
I would stick by you,
No matter what comes.

Knowing you true of heart,
Kind of mind,
Unstoppable drive,
And a golden friend.

Feelings from my heart.

I’ve had a great day, a casual one, but an amazing one. Small moments, insignificant times that are significant to me. Enough to get up and dance alone in my room in joy, sing and be happy.

Wrote this listening to Maroon 5’s What Lovers Do.

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