Was Warned

By those kindest of souls.

What I failed to see,
No, didn’t want to.

Warned about paths tread again.
Paths led again.

To an abrupt end.
Hanging by a thread,
Lost in the depths of my mind.

Was warned.
Warned by those who care.

Those who tried.
Those who care.
Who tried.

But I failed them.
Failed myself.

To see the pain,
The paths once tread.
The darkness breeding all around.

And again.
Into darkness I fall.

Until I awake.

Better, stronger.
From those who wish harm.
Those who use.
Those who.




Was warned.
Away from the path,
I tread again,
From the pain that would have come.
As I always had known.

I was warned.

To steer clear of the path,
The pain of the past,
Once was gone,

I had been warned.
I cannot say.
I didn’t.
Cannot say.
I wasn’t warned.

By myself and others.
Of what would come.
Walking down this path.

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