Never Will See

Never will see,
Lost to time,
The way I saw you, felt.
And you laughed at me.

And just ended with a goodbye.
Lost to time.
Lost, left and starved in the cold winter frost.

The care, glowing warm,
Like a cigarette before,
Being stubbed out and left.
In the cold dark of night.

A final end,
To all the trying and care.

Never to be seen.
Left on that cold sidewalk,
In the depths of a winter’s night.
Left out in the cold floor of a winter’s night.
To fade away,
Irradiate all it’s heat and light.
In that cold winter night.
Never to be seen.

Wrecked Recovery

My recovery,
Feeling life,
Was such a surprise,
After a recovery from the true pain.

But then, soon as possible.
You came back.
To cause havok,
To wreck my recovery.

Oh how I miss the feeling of being,
Of looking forward to something.
The first time in years,
But you took that from me.

I try off again the path walked,
The path to recovery.
A dark lonely path.
Waiting for the light again.

At least.
Knowing. This time round.
There’s a light at the end.

A wrecked recovery.
But at least I know there’s a light.
At the end of this path.

Your Gift of Emptiness

Your gift of emptiness,

One you gave me,
Sees me here,
In place,
Not knowing anything,
Thinking, without any solution.
Leaves me here, doing, without motivation.

Why did you try to come back?
Surely you must’ve known,
I knew, where it would end.
You knew I knew,
Yet you carried on.

The feeling of being,
Without motivation,
All joys once,
Now things to pass time.
A glance at the clock,
A reminder of how little of the day has passed.

Your parting gift,
To me,
How sweet.

All I truly needed was my mind taken from me.
My everything dulled to nonexistence.

Will Not Be Missed

I will not miss the harsh words,
Hateful remarks
Ridiculing and lack of care.

The hurtful, will not be missed.
They thrive on others’ manipulate and break,
On and on along a warpath.

Do not miss,
The hurtful,
For they will receive what they give out.
A hope for their payment for their hurtfulness.

They will not be missed.
Those who crush others for pleasure.
Those who.
String others along.
Use, hurt, abuse, and manipulate.

It is fine,
It is simple,
Time heals all wounds,
Time sees that wounds inflicted are wounds also received.

Time. The true enforcer.
And the survivors,
Just need to remember,
The pain, will not be missed.

Defiant to the Face

To those who hurt me,
Without a care.

Defiance to make my own,
Make my world.

To forge it in the fires of my passion.
Defiant in the face of the demons,
Enpassioned to my end.

To make a change to make the world better,
For all whom I care.
For all who I consider friends.

To cast out the emptiness and the pain.
To cast out the demons and the careless.

To find people,
Worth finding,
To care for,
People worth it.
To be with,
People, who will finally be right,
Just being with.

What was I Supposed To Do

What was I supposed to do?
When you came back,
And knew I wanted no part.
Forced your way back,
To cure a loneliness.

I’m done with blaming myself for other people’s faults.
The crime of only caring about oneself,
Stepping on the throats of others.

It’s my fault,
For not standing my ground
Caring for me.
Yours for seeing what it could do,
And going on with a smile.
To make it worse.
To blame it all on me.
For being me.

An end come good.
I needed to stop,
Administering poison to my wound.

Need to remember,
There is light in this world,
That doesn’t come with pain or malintent.

What was I supposed to do?
When I tried to escape,
You knew I tried,
Wouldn’t let me.
Saw what was happening,
Smiled and carried on.

What was I supposed to do.