False Friend

The false friend,
There and lying.
Hiding in plain sight.
Hurting from the out-of-sight.

The pain is gone,
The care has left me.
What continues on is the memory.
Of a false friend.

I tried.
But you may not see.

Sad. Just thinking, doubting, wondering.
Were you just a false friend?

Mistaken Kindness

Mistaken kindness.
Both my own, and another’s.

A mistake,
One I should have seen,
Should have known.
The past revealed before me,
The mistake made once, twice and now again.

Placing trust in a snake.
A twisted thorn.
One seeking use and hurt,
Mistaking kindness for staking claim.

Mistaken kindness,
Placed in another.
My mistake.
Trusting those who cannot be.
When the past showed the deep chasms.
The war within my mind.
My kindness trying to shine,
My mind warning me away.
Friends questioning the path walked again.

There are some questions,
To be asked of some.
How do you sleep at night?
How do you ever be at peace?
Should you be?

Mistaken kindness,
For wicked intentions.
A false face,
Lies all abound.

A facade of trust when lies are all there is.
A facade of kindness, when usability is all there is.
An act if what there is, when the truth isn’t to be seen.

A mistaken kindness.
Shining on but one point.
A warning,
To place kindness,
Only when it is shown,
Only when deserved.

To avoid mistakes.
Aches, pains and scars.

From mistaken kindness.

Out Of the Blue

Out of the blue,
A message,
Thought you were gone.
Hearing your voice,
Your cute chuckle.

A simple few words,
Making the day better,
Looking forward:
My work,
My passion,
To see you when you come back.

A hand,
You gave,
As before,
Grasping me from a dark pit.
Giving me feet,
So I can stand myself.

Up into the light.
Through and throughout.
Pain no match.
A mistake made,
I’m fixing,
Bit by bit.

Here it comes again,
As before.
Out of the blue,
And shining.
Showing unexpected care.
When I’ve lost it all,
Lost my care for others,
Care for life,
You show an act of kindness.

Just as you did before.

To help me find where I could be.
A better me.
An angel,
Appearing in the dark,
Bringing a torch,
To shine a light.

Written, receiving a call, out of the blue, from a friend, a person who showed me care, when I lost the will to go on, again, here, making the darkness bright when I feel lost. Even now, I’m feeling better than I would have been if it wasn’t for meeting them. The inspiration of Beauty In Your Own Way.