Living Through Another

Living through another,
Your words on the page,
The feeling, the meaning.
Your hand wrapped around my heart.

Traversing the solid boundary.
The march of time,
Ever-receding into the distant past.

An unknown person,
A faded name on a scrap of paper.
A person I’ve never known,
But through a couple lines, I do.

The feelings of an unknown person,
Lost to time.
An unknown person.
Surviving in,
Into and through time.
Through their memories and their words.

Here I am,
Reliving another’s memories,
Their words,
Kept on through time.

Words of permanence,
Meaning changed and kept.
Transformed and transferred forms.

Yet a pause.
Here I am.
In the present.
Here I am.
Living through another.

As some people on here may or may not know, I study history at university and have been doing a lot of reading just now and the inspiration for this is just that. Living a life, through the many words of many others, their happiness, sadness, troubles, times and everything.

Words have a surprising tendency to be able to evoke with such detail, especially what I have been reading now, especially studying history. I’ve been reading about love, relationships, feeling and reciprocation from a large variety of people in a part of the Mass-Observation Project.

Actually poetic in its collection of people’s voices, keeping them, despite the fading-to-dust of time.

Bright Things Ahead

Bright things ahead
With my head about me,
Close friends,
Warm people.

A friend who means so much to me,
Helping me out the darkness,
When I lost my way,
They’ve found me again.
Brought me that helping hand,
That kind smile,
Inclusive attitude
A positive mental attitude.

Nothing can stand in my way.
I will make the way.
Show you what I can do.
What I will do.

Us, there’s no place we can’t go.
Nothing we can’t do.
Nowhere out of reach.
When we reach out,
Everything in our grasp.

Hurtful People

Hard to let go,
Of those who hurt you,
Cause you indescribable pain.
Such a sadistic game.

A feeling of sadness, trumping all.
The pain,
Coming, hitting in endless waves.
Such evil intent,
Malicious smile.
Hurtful lies.
Hateful eyes.

A pain.
To forget and leave,
To eradicate from one’s mind.
Even their pain caused…
I’m used to it…
I can cope with it…
But I shouldn’t.

Off you go and take your hate,
Take all you are,
Down to the depths of Hades.
Forever torment,
A taste of my mind.
Like you never saw,
Or just ignored.
But always caused.
And caused again some more.

Funny how some,
Gain a smile from others’ torment.
Hurtful people,
It reminds them they’re not alone.
They have strength.
They make a difference.

In crushing the windpipe of another.
Maybe there was no intention.
But it was willing,
An unintended consequence of intended actions.

Memories, Drifting Away In Dust

How they move and drift away in dust,
So small, fragile and yet also nonexistent.

Drifting away,
Always a sorry state.
A way, no fault of my own.
A time too soon and too late.

To which we come from and go.
A last cheer,

A sorry-state,
No fault,
Others’ bringing.
No peaceful rest,
No peace to be left.

As the memories drift away,
To their final resting place,
Here among the dust.