Little Gift

Little gift.
Small act,
A kindness, pure, simple and nice.

A time,
Sweet moment,
Something good but not fake.
Something. Nothing. Everything.

A little gift given.
A moment of kindness,
Many moments,

The little gift of day,
Little gift of the morning shine.
Of the walk in the midst of summer.
With the birds singing,
The flowers in bloom.

The world ready and opening.

When the world shows a little gift for the world.


The best people, people who care, people who need nothing but a sweet moment. I remember a time like this, only a few. A friend, got her a small ‘present’, not really a present, but a box of tea she loves and got me into. I did it as she was busy working and wanted to avoid her having to leave to go out and get more, so I got some for her.

I did this. She cooked me and others dinners every night we we split money for ingredients and alcohol together. The part of my best summer, summer 2017. She did it, I felt bad, but she had no problem with it and loved doing it. She invited me round once, for the first time to the meal. A kind gift, without anything, probably meant nothing.

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