Memory, Back in that Dark Place

Back to that dark place,
The unfeeling,
The empty times.

Long behind me,
But never too far from a mere slip.

Never forget,
The help given by kind friends,
Those few golden souls.
Never forget the troubles passed.
The parts inside,
That died, to keep the whole alive.

A painful feeling,
Worse than pure pain,
One where all is nothing,
No good, no bad ugly or glad.
Everything. The same. As nothing.

The purest darkness,
Not dark, but blank,
The most hurtful feeling,
Total lack thereof.

Memory of that dark place.
No idea of how I escaped,
Except a name.

A miraculous feat,
One to remember,
To keep and hold dear.

To fight the darkness calling.
To make everything bright.
Throwing out the poisons of my mind and heart.

Growing stronger through hurt,
Growing impatient with the worst there is.

A memory of that dark place,
A horrible dark place,
Light but for one reason.
It acts,
As a warning of what can come again.
If it is allowed to enter my life,
Once again.

A warning for the future.

Thinking of the dark place I was before summer, the place horrid people tried to put me back into, forced me back into. But I won’t go easily. I will rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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