Old Friends

Two old friends,
Meeting, just like those old times.
Old times long into the past,
Time gone by.

So much has changed,
So have I.
So many things still also the same.

Just two old friends,
Hanging out,
Driving in the wind.
Times like those gone by.

A long time coming,
A long time has passed,
Yet meeting, all just the same.

Just you and me.
A long time waiting,
Those memories kept,
Those times gone and not.

To a new meeting,
Of people new and old.
So much has changed.
So much still the same.

No matter all the changes,
The world, you, I.
Just a meet-up,
You and I.
Old friends.

Thinking. An unusual poem, not one that has just come to me, because I am actually quite content without any particular feelings. Trying to ‘make a poem’. Saw an old friend. This is a place to start.

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