Looking Up

Looking up,
A world of possibility,
A tree of many branches.
Good deeds, nice people, fulfillment at every turn.

A good moment,
A precious one,
Found within the dark,
Waiting for the ignition.

The world gone light,
Like a summer’s morning after the cold night.

All looking up.
All looking bright.

Everything fitting into place,
My mind,
Knowing the place,
Seeing a path,
Feeling the determination.
Content. Living in reality.

It’s all looking up,
Like the joy seeing the northern lights looking up,
Into the sky.
Or seeing a baby’s smile of recognition.
A dog’s welcoming excitement at an arrival.

The world looking up,
World gone brighter.
A world of possibility,
If only I take look.
If only I look up and smile.

Content. Grateful. Kindness. Caring.

All of this is…
Looking up.

Written feeling great, grateful. Coming home has been good, better than usual, it was much needed. It’s been good, great, phenomenally amazing to see/chat to new friends, yet-to-be friends and old friends from long ago. But overall, all good friends, kind and always there to have a laugh, but also a feeling of knowing, kindness without any prerequisite.

Especially, well, this is for you K. An old friend, known you for 7 years, total trust we’ve shared. A person who can always message, I always have time for you, if not, I will make it. Always. Thanks for your help, kindness and… dunno how to say it but. A mere kind caring nature that doesn’t expect and that is exactly why I am and will always be there for you! ❤️

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