With Me

The feeling,
Friends all around.
My family through it all.
My friends to go to it all.
The people I stand by.
You with me.
I always with you.

No matter where we end up.
You with me,
We can conquer the world.
Forge out a path.
Living a life worth living.

Friends for life,
People in mine,
Golden times,
Precious memories,
To hold and to share.

The bright light overhead.
The feelings of bliss,
With being.
Making my life.
Sharing those times.

Those few moments with me.
Worth the world,
Kindness and care.
With me, the blissful feeling.

Knowing someone and them knowing me.
Being always there to be there for you.
Kindest people, closest friends.
With you.
With you.
At peace,
Just me,
Better than ever.
Spending those times with you.

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