Across the Mirrored Image

Across the mirrored image,
The person,
An image,
Once was,
Now past.


A different place,

Across this mirror image.
A face,
Both foreign and the same.
Scarred, hurt, strong.
All at the same time.
Paths once tread.

Mistakes of the past.
Yet also none.
Making the unique,
The strength and the resilience.

A shine,
A light,
To illuminate my darkness away.
Light my world up.
A difference,
Across this mirrored divide.

Been thinking right now, at night and can’t go to sleep, guess my mind’s wondering, thinking of the past, mistakes, learning from them and getting stronger.

How you can look in the mirror, of the ‘you’ of the past, one recognised but also not, a divide along a mirror of time.

This idea got me thinking.

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