New Years Resolution

I never make New Years resolutions, told all of my family since before New Years that I don’t because these promises for the year can be made anytime and a failure of a resolution shouldn’t stop you trying until the next year.

Been thinking, of a lot tonight, past, present, feelings, others’ problems, pains and troubles they’ve been sharing with me and asking for help, my best friends sticking by me, those new people; interesting, amazing, and kind and those old friends you haven’t seen in a long time who when you meet up it was like you never were apart. So much changes yet also stays the same.

My New Years resolution, more a promise:

To keep away all hurt and pain, to do all I can to help everyone who is worth it. Hurt and pain may come, it is always solve-able, to those who choose. But my promise is to only help, only solve those that are worth the pain. To help friends with anything and everything I can, to go above and beyond, as this kind of pain, even if it hurts at the time, is a pain worth the life I’m living. To help others, help myself and be a better person.

Peace Within from Cognisance

The time,
The moment.

What’s come,
Pain unneeded,
Being in place,
Whole and known.
Needing to let…
Let myself fing the peace inside.
Find a safe.

Surround myself,
Making the world brighter,
With those brighter in it.
Life can be beautiful,
If only one will make and find it.

Finding peace within,
Coming through cognisance,
A time to come,
Realisation from.

A time to come.
Moments not yet lived.
A life to be lived.
Life worth living.
Spreading my wings,
Filling my world with light,
The kindest people.

A time to come,
To be made.

The peace within,
Through cognisance.

Been thinking over things and things occurred to be, hitting me straight in the face. Those moments you realise something that you’ve been missing for so long but would have saved so much pain.

In Those Best Moments

In those best moments,
The bright light,
A peaceful night sky,
The world coming together

A thought spared,
A mere moment,
A split-second,
Dwelling on the darkness,
A past, in the past.

Such contrast,
A change.
Realisation from the abrupt.

In those best moments,
Realisation of what life is,
Realisation of what life means,
Happiness, kindness,
The kindest souls who are there,
No ask, mere kindness.

Those best moments,
Smiling out of nowhere,
Being in the moment,
Feeling life.
A eruption from my heart,
The feeling.
A movement,
My soul.

An end to the numb and the hurt.

A feeling long lost,
Long forgotten.
But now found.

The best moments,
The contrast,
Highlighting the path,
The journey,
From, now, where to.

In those best moments,
Living in the moment.
Kind pure moments of life.

From the past,
In the present,
Hope for the path to come,
Living in the moment,
In those best moments.

I’m feeling amazing right now, the day ended really amazingly, chatting to a friend to a friend until very, very late, relaxing after a very productive day. Everything, the good feeling is coming back, has come back, stronger with a realisation.

Writing this based on how sometimes the best moments always come with some thought of the worst parts, because of the contrast, the growth, the realisation, moving past, a realisation. A shining gem to be found in the darkest depths.