New Years Resolution

I never make New Years resolutions, told all of my family since before New Years that I don’t because these promises for the year can be made anytime and a failure of a resolution shouldn’t stop you trying until the next year.

Been thinking, of a lot tonight, past, present, feelings, others’ problems, pains and troubles they’ve been sharing with me and asking for help, my best friends sticking by me, those new people; interesting, amazing, and kind and those old friends you haven’t seen in a long time who when you meet up it was like you never were apart. So much changes yet also stays the same.

My New Years resolution, more a promise:

To keep away all hurt and pain, to do all I can to help everyone who is worth it. Hurt and pain may come, it is always solve-able, to those who choose. But my promise is to only help, only solve those that are worth the pain. To help friends with anything and everything I can, to go above and beyond, as this kind of pain, even if it hurts at the time, is a pain worth the life I’m living. To help others, help myself and be a better person.

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