Peace Within from Cognisance

The time,
The moment.

What’s come,
Pain unneeded,
Being in place,
Whole and known.
Needing to let…
Let myself fing the peace inside.
Find a safe.

Surround myself,
Making the world brighter,
With those brighter in it.
Life can be beautiful,
If only one will make and find it.

Finding peace within,
Coming through cognisance,
A time to come,
Realisation from.

A time to come.
Moments not yet lived.
A life to be lived.
Life worth living.
Spreading my wings,
Filling my world with light,
The kindest people.

A time to come,
To be made.

The peace within,
Through cognisance.

Been thinking over things and things occurred to be, hitting me straight in the face. Those moments you realise something that you’ve been missing for so long but would have saved so much pain.

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