To Help

To help,
To try, think and hold.
Being there,
No matter what may come.

As you helped me,
In from nowhere,
That random time,
In the kitchen you,
Grabbed my attention.

Kindness from a stranger,
I, being lost.
Having lost,
All care, emotion and being.
An empty husk devoid of feeling.
Having lost, relegated myself to unfeeling.

You. The kindness, the help.
Inviting me over,
The time when always being alone.
You helped.
Gave me life, showed me living,
After I had stopped looking.

The times,
Having found myself.
When you said,
‘What about…
What you’ve done’.

Showing me,
What I failed to see,
Stopped seeing.

Kind help,
Caring hand.
My promise.
To help.
However I can.

For showing me life.
Showing me how to find.
How to keep hold,
To not let go.
Lessons of importance.
To help.

My promise to you,
To help.

A really unusual poem, a total storyesque one, thinking of scenarios, empathising with the “characters” even to the extent my eyes well up, empathy in happy-sadness, the poem shifts from a total abstraction to a friend (at the very start), the strong emotions and gratitude that the feelings reminded me of, one who helped, without ever knowing.

A friend I truly hope to see again. May be a long and unlikely shot. But a hope I still have.

Our goodbye, you in my room, to say goodbye, before tearing up, something I never will forget. But. Yeah.

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