World of Tears

A world of tears,
All the hurt and harm,
Deceit and malintentions,

All but totally,
Missing those kind words and intentions.
Small acts,
Kind words,
Small moments of care,

A time to be free,
Others to live free,
Chasing away fear,
Kind word by kind word.
Solidarity in humanity.
Fellow brother, sister and friend.

A free act,
Paying in all the many forms.

Chasing away,
This world of tears,
One tear at a time.

A sad day here,
Rough time there,
To show someone being there.

Having someone at your back.
A friend, even if never met.

This world of tears,
Only a temporary affair,
To be chased, away,
One kind act. At a time.

Despite the title, it’s a good poem, I’m feeling happy yet also kinda sad. Hesitate of the world, how kindness isn’t valued, had a debate with family about Trump and the LGBTQ community.

Been thinking, hoping, wanting kindness, to be shown, to be valued more. My main goal throughout my other aims. Mere kindness, unconditionally, because due to particulars of mine, I feel emotions really hard and empathise harder.

Just situations can hit me hard to see mere small acts of kindness not valued overall.

Probably outstayed my welcome back in my home country, so back to Uni I should go.

One thing that gave me hope was a speech I watched at my graduation (watched again showing my Gran). One speaker, talking of ignoring all divides, focussing instead on humanism, a collective humanity that combines us all. Making all other divides irrelevant.

Something I wish to further, in the smallest way possible, through my own work and plans and my small acts of kindness. Ones I have done thus far, with no regrets, with fond and kind memory, of trying to help. Knowing what it can feel like, but around everyone, but totally alone. If I can help in anyway then I will.

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