Turn Over

The turn-over,
Those new and good times,
Best friends and people,
By your side when lost,
Always there, having and holding you up.

A turn-over,
A new life,
New path to walk.

Strengthened by the past, the pain and the mistakes.
Coming to a close.
Moving on and up.

Realising pain isn’t normalcy,
It’s a temporary state,
One to turn over,
Let go and leave.

Relegate to the past,
Confine to a time gone by.

To turn-over,
Meet the good,
Find the light,
Make your world.
Remake yourself,
Yet also keep the same.

All a time…
A sign…
A show…
Of the turn-over

On the train, back after visiting home for Christmas. Reading many quotes from WordPorn as I haven’t since 13th December. So many heartfelt and ones that resonate with me.

Happy to turn over a new leaf, new year, new life, new but also same me.