Stead Fast

On down this little path,
Stead fast I move,
All revealed over time,
Step by step,
Path by path.

The rough waves behind me,
The clear path ahead.
The cool winter glow,
The morning’s smooth light.

Stead fast down this little path,
On and on,
With turns,
Found and taken.
A mind,
Occupied yet also reactive.

Always thinking, moving, being.
Down this,
Little path.
Stead fast are my steps,
Calm is the mind.
Down and determined.
Ready for all.

Stead fast.
This path I make.
The path I take,
My own.

Obstacles behind me,
Or will be.

As I.
Stead fast to my aim.
Roll on past.
Until only the worthwhile accomplishments find me.

Almost compulsively writing poetry at least one a day haha.

Either way, had a good day, very productive, finished nearly all of a essay in a single day of writing it up. One more due later so all on track and good. Nothing to stop me. Only stopped if something stops you, if you let it stop you. Nothing’s going to stop me. Only the helpful or worthwhile things to worry about, everything else an irrelevance of the past.


Familiar but the feeling is different.
A place I’ve seen,
But there’s a weird feeling.
Of familiarity, memory but disconnection.

A dissonance from my mind and place.
An unusual feeling.
On ground,
Not my own.
But familiar nonetheless.

Going back to the normalcy,
A normalcy,
Out from nowhere,
To get used,
To be fine,
To move and go back,
To a temporary dissonance yet again.

The feeling will pass,
A curious thing.
A feeling,
Used to and unusual,
One that comes and goes,
Understood but not comprehended.
Why the familiar, the remembered
Elicit a feeling,
Of newness, yet also being always there.

This feeling,
Different and curious.
To ponder,
It will pass,
To move past.
This feeling,
So different.

Went home for Christmas with the family, felt weird being home for the first night and day back, being back at my Uni house today it’s the same feeling in reverse. Dislike this feeling, it’s weird and hard to explain. Familiar but also disconnected. Maybe it’s Just I’ve not been here for a while but it doesn’t feel like merely that.

Just trying to explain the feeling.