Getting Brighter

Getting lighter,
This world so young,
A time so free.

Limber up,
To get ready to run,
All the potential in reach,
Only until reached.

Everything getting brighter,
A world so fresh and full of possibility.
Kindness all around.

The most beautiful of those little things.

The moment before the run,

Getting brighter,
The most beautiful of those little moments.

Watching the Ghost Fade

Watching the ghost fade,
The places change form,
My mind moving yet also lingering.

Flashes before me,
Just below the sunlit sky.

Thinking, letting a past die,
Just leave,
End immediately.
Let me find peace.

The ghost fading, to a mere memory.
To nothing.

I stand here,
Going about my day,
The ghost fading before me,
Hoping for a fade to nothing.

Been more of a mixed day, but I’m okay, work good, my assessments all going well. Don’t really know if this is a storyesque poem or not.