Looking Through That Window

Looking through that window,
On into the distant horizon,
Hand on the glass,
Trying to touch the image.

A reality beyond my access,
The cold glass,
The warm horizon.
A world away.

All time passing in the landscape.
While I’m trapped, inside a time stuck. Still.
Looking out past this glass,
Into the the warm sunset,
That I cannot feel.

Waiting, wanting, thinking.
Feeling the yearning.
But beyond this glass barrier,
All I have is a numbing barrier.

The cold glass on my skin,
Cold eyes,
Going numb and tired.
Tired of,
Looking through that window.

The world,

Behind the glass I find myself placed.
Staring out,
Out into the world.

Trapped in this place,
Behind this glass,
A barrier to feeling,
To touch.

But then there’s that warmth,
A small flame of hope,
Just over that horizon.
Just beyond,
To be reached for,
To be found.

But for now.
I find myself.
Looking through that window.
The cold of the glass.

Looking through that window.

Thinking of a person I haven’t seen in a long time, they helped me so much. I kinda miss them. Miss them. But they’re probably busy and have a lot going on. But still. Remember the goodbye. But oh well. Time always passes.

I’m not sad, just thinking, I guess this is a storyesque poem then, kind of. I’m actually quite happy, having almost finished all my essays, in plenty of time. Also listening to a kinda sad song.

All You Need To, Is Say

All you need to is say,
The happenings so raw,
So fierce,
The good and the bad.

All one to the feeling.
To know the feeling,
To feel, to be.
All you need to, is say.

Standing here,
A place in time,
A place in feeling.

All you need to say,
I stand here,
Stand by,
In feeling,

All is the feeling.
Feeling all,
A curse more than a blessing.

To feel.
One requirement.
All you need to do is say.

Thinking of hyperempathy and how the feeling strikes, all is needed is for someone to say how they feel, or even merely what happened to them. It strikes hard.

Wiping Away The Past

Wiping away the past.
Wiping out the pain,
Anger to fuel my recovery,
Anger for the pain,
Pain that will be wiped away.

Determined to move past,
Oh how this feels so good.
To wipe away the pain.
To move past.
Determination to get better.

To better myself,
To offer care for those who do the same.

The way,
Letting go of the pain.

Embracing those,
Those who care.
Those there for me.

Determined through my care.
To get better.

The care of the world,
Feelings, emotions for the world,
A world opening up for me.
A new day, new world.

Wipihg away the past.
A brand new me.
Those who care by my side.
Me there for all those best people.

The best person I can be.
Wiping away the past.

Weird poem, thinking of the past, felt my mood change during the writing of the poem, the message changing as I write.

I’m okay and getting better, knowing those who care are there for me, and I for them.

Determined to reach my goals and aims, no matter what. Just have to keep my eye on the prize and my heart and care open for the kindest people in my world.

Tomorrow’s a new day and better already, determined to finish this second essay and make them and everything the best it can be. Make myself the best I can be.