Golden End To The Storm

The golden end to the storm,

A shining light emerging from the tunnel.
Something to look forward to,
Something found after the dark.
Those kindest souls you find.
Out of nowhere.

Those moments finding the light.
A warm spring after the dark winter’s night.

The emergence.
New birdsong from after the cold frost.
What a new day.

Better days to come.
Taking one at a time.
Onwards to.
To the light.

I walking,
Into the light of the day.
The new day coming.

A beautiful shine as the sun rises,
Over those green grassy hills.

The time that always comes,
The shining sun that will always shine.

Let it live,
Let it shine.
Just keep hold.

The sun always shines,
On those kindest souls.
Just keep hold.
Claim your light from the darkness.
Like we all must.

Shelter that small flame,
Even as it dims,
Shelter it tight,
When faltering,
Lean on those kindnest souls,
Who always have your back.
Weather the storm and cold.

The flame flickering,
Until it turns into,
A fire bright as the sun.
Raging in kindness,
Warm sun shining.

That… is the golden end to the storm all encompassing.
Letting the sun shine from within.
Your flame fierce.
In care, kindness and humanity.

Flames to fight the cold away.
This… is the golden end to the storm.
Shining so brightly.

Writing this poem dedicated to my friend on MoodTrack, LonelyGirl19 for all the help, kindness and care. Always there for you. Kindness rewarded with kindness and care, for those golden humans.