Pained Path

Pained path,
Pained time,
Thinking back,
To the pain of my past,
The pain lingering to present.
The arbiter of pain looking on.

Trying to find,
To think,
To make the path again.

The pain coming back.
The malicious smile.
A pained path I walk.
Trying to walk.

Aching and in pain.
My past,
The scars on my mind.
The broken walk,
Trying to move past.

On I try,
Knowing the past that must be taken.
Trying to further,
To move.
Despite the malicious smile.

Walking along this pained path.
A path, to walk, until it ends.
When the pained path,
Becomes one of joy,
Of happiness.
When the demons of my past have been killed, extinguished, laid to rest.

For now, I find myself.
Walking this pained path.

Feeling a little sad. Thinking. Just a bit stressed but will pass, using the poem for catharsis.

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