Finally Living

Finally living,
Content, renewed.
The feeling of pain subsiding.
Everything opening up.

Once the world was closed,
It now lies within grasp.
All that is needed,
Is to reach.

All needed.
Is to live.
To try.
To be content with living.
To cease hurting myself.
to let myself live

Now living,
Like for the forst time,
Forgotten the feeling.

The long dark nightmare now over,
Yet lingers at the back of my mind,
Unable to purge my mind of the memory.
Unable to heal the mind of the painful sting.
All there is to do, forget.
My biggest fear usually,
Here, my biggest saviour.

To forget,
Erase the mind,
Avoid the pain,
Get strogger,
Beat it.

Move on,
To find the life of happiness.
A life to live and not survive.
To find.
Finally have found.
Finally. Living.


Those ever-quick moments,
Bliss, enjoyment and together.
All here.
Where we are,
We matter.
We are.

Such a moment easily passed,
A moment.
A time.
On what has passed,
Made its mark on my soul,
My mind.

A time of reflection,
A time of what has come.
At peace in this sweet moment.
At peace with where it has fallen.
Grateful for the kindest people around me.
For the care shared.

Here I think and I reflect.
Glad for being,
Everything in the making.
Something for reflection.

Writing this reflecting on stuff, went out for an amazing night out with my coursemates, also I spoken recently to lots of friends on FB to catchup and some to meet up and get to know. So all is looking up.

Also met my best friend today for the first time since the xmas holidays.