Care For A Time

Care in that time, that place.
A sweet kindness,
Nice smile,
Helping hand.
Pure care.

No sweeter moment,
No kinder gesture,
That one of acknowledgement, care, help.
A reminder of the world outside.
For when I am lost, to remember.
Remember the moment,
The kindness, the meaning

My endless care for people so kind.
Kindness deserves rewarding.
Deserved help.
I would always stand,
By the darkest time to make sure,
People are by your side.
Always the time.
Always the care.

Care I try to offer,
Always wish to offer more,
For all you have done,
To help, to save me.

Not a mere, care for a time.
Kindness from my best friend.
The care in times of trouble,
Even as we both face difficulty.

We are always there.
Care for a time.
All the while, there is time.
My promise.
To my best friend,
My kindest friend,
The kindest human.
That I would do anything for,
As you’ve done more than I can even conceive, for me.

Thinking of the best person I know, the person I care about most. Who has always been there. Helped me for so long, made me feel happier recently chatting and hanging out.

This person showed me such kindness today that I cannot explain. Am totally indebted and can’t believe the sentiments.

Truly making me feel happy, determined and great about everything despite any worries.

To stay over in England would be worth it to keep hanging out. Let alone anything else.

My best friend knew I’ve been stressed, busy and worried and brought me a massive food care package. Something I wouldn’t even get from my mum but wouldn’t expect from anyone and she did.

Hope she didn’t put too much effort, or cost. I’d feel bad otherwise. But. It is such a nice gesture, touched me to the core of my soul.

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