Drowning Out The Night

Drowning out the night.
Laying here with you,
So much to say.
So much drowning out my thoughts.

The moment here before gone.
Till we meet again,
The time apart,
Mistakes made.

Putting the perspective there,
Laying here, thinking.
Everything perfect, simple, nice.
Breakfast and dinner together.
Drinks and celebrations.
Even a cuppa.

Simple all around,
But just that.
Simple, kind and nice.
Those occasional,
Nice times.

The song you play,
The way we danced.

The pieces missing and fitting.
All in its complexity,
Its rarity and depth.
For those smallest times.

Nothing that can be explained.
Nothing around to compare.

So much on the horizon,
New times ahead.

So much said,
Yet to be.

As I lay here.
You next to me.
Time passing
Time passed.

All in the distance,
Unknown. But here.
But here in the present.
Laying next to you,
You speak,
A moment.
This moment.

Now passed.
But remembered.
A light bright,

A light drowning out the night.
A smallest reminder.
Kindness in a world.

Kindness among the world of thorns.

Thorns I clear,
One at a time.
To renew my world,
My mind.

As I lay there.
Next to you,
The thoughts,
The mind,
The time.
The moments before,
The times shared.
Conversations said.
All in the now.
Then passed.

All drowning out the night.

Wrote this, thinking of one night, a few actually. But one especially. Someone I haven’t seen for months.

Occasionally messaging. Messaged quite a little bit recently, and some mutual friends. The great time. But especially one.

Drinking, chatting, about the past, present and future. And that’s it. Another time, walking around playing music and having an amazing time. The best time on the beach, the night before we had to part ways.

Guess this is a storyesque, about that one night in particular. Simple, so fast to end. Lying around chatting. About everything. Oh how the memory wants to fade, as usual. But also funny how the memory doesn’t, but only very slowly. Hopefully not too long.

Wrote this listening to Before We Say Goodbye by Prozak

Looking at this, all the tenses mixed, I don’t really know what I was trying to write here, and how, but it all came out mixed, somewhat poetic, reminiscent of the uncertainty with the mind, with life. Yet always something good just on the horizon.

Can’t Explain

Can’t explain all thoughts
Thoughts running on through my brain
Good and the bad.
All a massive swirl,
To hold and to keep.

The message from afar.
Those times.
Moments held so dear,

Moments just around the corner.
But. Can’t explain.
Just the times ahead.
Ready for the grasp.

Those silent moments.
The times to come.

Can’t explain.
Times gone,
Times to come.
All the moments.

I can’t explain.