The Problem Is, I Care.

The problem is, I care.
Thinking of the kindness of this world,
Is held by all.

Many signs to show,
I not wanting to see,
Still battling within my mind.
Trying and trying not to. Care.
To ignore.
Use my pain to remember.
Remember the pain, the cause.

Remember the light to be found.
Even if not seen.
Remember it exists,
That it’s there.

And remember, the problem is I care.
That not everyone is kind,
Coming back to cause pain.
Not everyone deserves care.
Something that perplexes me now,
Saddens me so.
Not everyone deserves care.

Apologies for all my followed, for my breakdown past night. Been thinking, had a long sleep.

Thinking of the list of pain, of times hurt, of times certain things were said. How they are continued. And not left to rest. So I have to leave it to the past, to gather dust and fade.

One useful thing about pain, it, when it gets too much, allows, allows you to see the continuation of pain. Allows you to let go, say no.

Not a clear path, but will get clearer, despite attempts to throw me under.

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