Turn of the Page

Turning the page,
A new life, new chapter and start.
To move on and into the new world ahead.

To place yourself in the world,
A new world, start, and bliss to be found.
A reminder of all,
All that there can be.

The good,
The kindness and help,
The beauty of the world so finite.
At a turn of the page.
So much can change.
A world opening up.

To bring into view,
The sunlight over the horizon.
The oncoming summer breeze,
With it; flowers, birdsong and life.

At the turn of a page.

Writing this poem as a more uplifting one. Looking forward to hanging out with a friend tonight. Makes me feel better. No matter what has happened.


Trying so hard,
To get better,
To be okay.

All not enough,
When being dragged down.
Did as you asked?
A goodbye asked for,
A goodbye given.
Always civil,
To do what I must.

I want to let go of the pain.
Erase the dark times from my mind.

Fighting to get better everyday.
Fought all the way.
To keep me in pain.

Looking forward to the time I have,
Erased the pain from the memory.
Erased the pain of the dark times.
To move forward into the light ahead.
Not to look at the darkness behind.

So much beauty and kindness in this world.
Only I manage to shut out the darkness behind me.

Until then.
I find myself trying.
Fought all the way.

But fought all the way.

Do I not deserve a break? The nerve of me, not hanging out when they said goodbye for good. The nerve for me to look after myself and not persist my pain. I have the nerve for not looking after myself? What I can’t stand is a goodbye said to be final, but not being left alone. Always being told to go, yet expected to hang out whenever another says so. No matter whether it’s good for me. I will talk only so much I have to go on. To do my job. That is it. Goodbyes are goodbyes sometimes. Not to be kept until beckoned for.


Beacon to my darkness,
For your smallest care.

Beacon to ground me when I’m lost.
Kindness, the beacon
That helps me find my way.
Gets me on the right track.

Helps me find home.
Within myself.
Rooting me on,
Even from afar.

Kindness always there,
My beacon on those darkest nights.
To help me stand my ground,
Gather myself,
My thoughts.

Ever-thankful for helping me find…
Helping me find the sunlight.
That I just failed to see.

All from this.
A simple kindness.
My beacon.
Thank you.

Good shift today, good day found. Looking forward to seeing another friend tomorrow.

This is dedicated, to a friend whose never given up on me, even when I don’t know why. They should have by now. But haven’t and only offered me kindness, help and care.

Something I’ll be ever-grateful for.