Revive against the wind of change,
Power, change, new life.
Revived against.

To this new change.
New times to bring to to the fore.
Revived against the cold wind of life.
Change upon change.

To revive and go on anew.
Along the wind of change I go.
Facing the wind and rain.
The coldest of nights.

To be revived.
In the face of it all.
To make all anew

Wrote this listening to empowering songs I was listening to:

The Veer Union’s Bitter End.

Fireflight’s Keep Fighting.

Ever-Pain of Mind

The ever-pain of mind.
Fighting thoughts and unfeeling,
Fighting the thinking and the emptiness.

No solution in sight,
But weathering the storm.
Time by time, day by day.

On and on,
Through this ever-pained state of mine.
Shifting moods, constant and rapid.

A song, a thought,
All to wrap around the mind,
Twist and change,
For best or worst.

All in this state of mind.

I’m  okay, just, the random thinkings, randomly changing moods, but not ‘feeling’ bad. But not really ‘feeling’ anything in particular. Just doing work. But that’s it. Thinking. But it’s all quite neutral. Better than feeling bad or pained as of late. But I don’t know if I like it.

This gone feeling.


Resolve, strength to overcome all obstacles in my way.
A rock in the road to be moved.
Determination my aim,
Willpower my tool.

To do my best,
Kindness my ever-seeking achievement.

Resolve to guide me.
Strength to bring me.
Into the light,
I will find.

Strength to bring.
Resolve, to make.
The ongoing cycle of day.

For the taking.
A new day to come.
New day to make mine.
To bring me back to life.
Empowered. Stronger. Better.

This resolve,
Not to be lost.
To be ever-held.

This resolve brings me.
This resolve makes me.
Better, kind-er, happier.

Listening to lots of empowering music and feeling better, one day at a time. Till better and stronger.