Antithetical Mind

This antithetical mind,
To wait, think,
Listening to the sadness coming out of life.
Listening to that wind as it passes.

A mind in conflict, in wait.
As I move on,
Past my broken selves of the past.
Past the long dark.

In anticipation of the coming day.

My mind,
Disabling in the moment.
A moment that will pass.

The mind, trying through the tired.
Each trial, a scar of the mind.
Stained into memory,
But it all goes on.

Times awaiting,
The move.
The try.
A weight lifted.
Friends by my side.
That peaceful moment. Bliss.
A reminder of the daylight shine,
Despite this antithetical mind.

Had a good day. Some reason just thinking, sometimes, most times, my mind is antithetical to living, it’s just a thing to be weathered. I don’t know why the mind is something that makes living with it harder. Not really but also really at the same time.

Poetry somewhat helps.

I’ve got quite a bit I’m looking forward to, quite a lot. Just need to weather the now for the later.

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