Kind Words, Troubled Times

Kind words,
Those troubled of times.
The world of confusion and wonder,
Locked out,

Standing here,
Out of place,
Out of time.
Left wondering and thinking.
Those troubled times,
Kind words seek to heal,
But sometimes it isn’t enough.

To breach my heart,
My head, confusion.

Times of much yet nothing.
Nothing to anyone else,
I cling onto these smallest moments,
The good, bad and embarrassing.
The feeling kept,
The moment relived.
My mind replaying.

Troubled minds, with which kind words don’t heal.
They do something,
Stirr up the deep.


Writing this, was just inspired. Someone was in an area that they didn’t know had been booked. They felt so bad for ‘crashing’ and we tried to encourage that it’s no problem. But they made excuses and left. Clearly feeling embarrassed. Wished I could have done more. I know the feeling and could see their embarrassment.

This for me, I know I would have felt bad/embarrassed for at least hours after. I guess for what I had done, even if others said it was fine and if they asked me to stay. It’s happened before.

It’s about kind words, given in troubled times. How words can bring someone back to life, how sometimes it doesn’t but even then, even if unknown it can help.

Don’t obviously mean this is how this person felt, but seeing this inspired me to think. More about me.

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