Reunion of many,
People of kindness,
Care abound.

Old friends,
Friendly faces,
Meeting to share,

A reminder of the past,
Fun times,
How time has changed,
We, have all changed. But not too much.

Something to look forward to,
A time that is nice.
So much ahead,
So much good.
Darkness ends up,
An irrelevant stain,
One to wash clean.

Friendship, true friendship,
A rare commodity,
Yet perfect in its imperfections.
The jokes, laughs and teases.
So much but known to mean no harm.
A kindness,
To be true, honest and together.
A true,
Reunion of friends.

Really looking forward to a reunion of friends I have tomorrow. About the only thing I’ve felt I can look forward to in quite a bit of time. But things may be looking up.