Those Times

Those times that go by,
With friends so close,
Friends so dear,
Going by so fast, too fast.

I, thinking.
Having lived in the moment.
Stayed, lived, happy.

Moments of life,
Fond memory,
Oh what a fond memory.

Fighting the fade of time.
Held in memory,
So fondly,
Looking for the times ahead.
So much to see,
To find,
Throughout this rise.

Beauty that life brings,
Brought into being.
All about those times.

Those Who Care

Those who care,
Those moments,
That care and that feeling I don’t understand.
Those friends,
So far and away.

Those from my attention,
Always placed in it.
Forced within it,
Those within it.
The strong, powerful and amazing.

Those who push out.
Strong and amazing.
Making me whole.

Making the world make sense,
Even vicariously.

Breathing made easy,
Loving made better.
The world made meaningful.

A world of beauty,
With care and wholeness.
A world of total beauty.
I looked forward to,
Nothing to compare.

Beauty of life to behold,
To hold,
To love,
To live,
And make my own.

The whole world found,
When lost in the dark.
The wholeness, beauty
And whole.

As always, dedicated to my bestest of friends, the person I care about more than the whole world. The person who has been there. The person I would give my life for. Who has given me the strength to go on, no matter what has happened. ❤️