Born Anew

Born anew,
This feeling,
This life,
A world within grasp.

My world,
My life.
Born anew from the fires of pain.
A determination running through my veins,
A beauty that life has to offer.
The kindness offered.
My call to action,
Care, love and willpower.
My world held.

What this feeling.
A strength from nowhere,
Yet also everywhere.
This world running deep.
Fast, to keep.

Born anew,
Through a world of pain.
A phoenix, wings spread.
Fury, determination and life.
Born anew from my ashes extinguishsd,
To this life to come,
Has come.
Born anew.

Writing this, declined a night out.

Many things to say, so many people to thank for all the kindness. A crush and so much ahead and ahead. Within my grasp. It’s hard with me and my FOMO. But I’m good, other good times will come. I’m at peace with myself, calm. Loving everything.

Owe it to others and myself. To be the best I can be.


Fire Burning

Fire burning.
World opening.
The whole world taking notice,
Taking consideration.

Hearing the voice.
Making known,
Making heard.

The world,
Mine for my taking.
My world.
The love care and help.
The care and drive.
An endless run free,
Run wild.
A stretch for my life.
A run for my life.
The greatest time.

This fire burning in my heart and head.
The amazing beauty,
The world all here and bright.
Everything fitting and worth it.

Finally the place I want to be.
The place I feel at home.
The mind’s bumps and troubles,
Coped and shed aside.
For a pristine beauty.
This life of mine.

Oh how you give me what I do not think I deserve.
To make myself worthy.
This true beauty, power.

The new day of mine,
The phenomenal times.
Friends by my side,
Always in my heart.

Making my world lighter,

The fire of my heart burning bright.
Burning hard,
To push out all the darkness.
All perfect,
This life of mine,
A fire burning in the night.

Another phenomenal day, amazing at work, seminar and most of all night out with mates, an early night for me but was good to see my coursemates. Feeling alive and loving this. The times I live for, the times that make all the others worth living through.