Born Anew

Born anew,
This feeling,
This life,
A world within grasp.

My world,
My life.
Born anew from the fires of pain.
A determination running through my veins,
A beauty that life has to offer.
The kindness offered.
My call to action,
Care, love and willpower.
My world held.

What this feeling.
A strength from nowhere,
Yet also everywhere.
This world running deep.
Fast, to keep.

Born anew,
Through a world of pain.
A phoenix, wings spread.
Fury, determination and life.
Born anew from my ashes extinguishsd,
To this life to come,
Has come.
Born anew.

Writing this, declined a night out.

Many things to say, so many people to thank for all the kindness. A crush and so much ahead and ahead. Within my grasp. It’s hard with me and my FOMO. But I’m good, other good times will come. I’m at peace with myself, calm. Loving everything.

Owe it to others and myself. To be the best I can be.


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