My Surrender

My surrender,
To this feeling,
A feeling I cannot hope to describe.
Everything whole,
Everything new and old.

Feelings of ecstatic wonder, happiness.
The world opening up,
Everything to take,
A world yet untouched,
So much,
So everywhere.

A surrender to the feeling,
The beauty that comes.
The wholeness of feeling.
A worry of loss.

Shed back the past,
Shed back the pain.
A surender, all mine.
To this feeling of beauty,
A wholeness that comes so rarely.

To live in my surrender to this feeling.
Beauty, whole, life.
My surrender, to this all.

Thinking. Had an amazing day, amazing week, badminton today was amazing. But sometimes I get this weird of happiness, ecstatic happiness. So great that I feel I have to dampen my mood. In fear of it all turning out to be a lie, am I alone with this occasional weird feeling?

Poem based on Stellar Kart’s My Surrender

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