Mind Tearing Down

The mind’s walls,
Put up, torn down.
A world of beautiful confusion.
A drift of the currents of mind, actuality.
All drifting round,
Swirling in infinite complexity,
An uncapturable, inexplicable dance.

The mind, its own dance,
Choreography of mind,
The understanding and lack through life,
Tearing down,
Walls built, while making others.
A dance of continued existence.
Of thinking, dancing.

A choreography of complexity.
This mind,
Tearing down,
Pulling up,
Bringing all.

Tired from this endless dance,
A struggle for understanding,
Yet never achieving.
Content, but not.

World at a grasp.
Choice all around.
But paralysed.
So much,
Always so very much,
But none to be understood.
A dance of knowing and not.

Lie Awake

The thoughts of the mind,
Cool nightly breeze,
Company for the running through my mind.
The depths of night.

Awake I lie.
Yet also preoccuppied.
With wonder, confusion, pondering and choice.

Lie awake in this world,
Good but uncertain.
Crossroads to come to.
My choice already made,
The path not yet taken.

As I lie here.
Awake in the dark of night.
Thinking, mind stirring.
Keeping me,
All as I lie here, awake.

Good relaxing day, one of the first since Christmas, but now just lying awake, thinking and can’t get to sleep. A nice-bad feeling. A bit confusing.