Off going.
In my own thoughts,
Thinking abound.
So much.
The everything of a moment.

The catchup.
From out of nowhere.
A tap of the shoulder,
And the ‘hello’.
A time from nowhere.
That catchup.
The tap,
Pulling me from my own world.

The smallest of chats,
But nice.
Being me.
Not being fearful.

Simply nice.
What a catchup.
A time in a million.

All simple,
From a mere catchup.

A little sweet catchup with a friend. The cause in addition to everything else so good for writing Giddy Moments, mere moments after.

Just nice, a nice catchup and chat. About nothing, simple things. Sometimes, it’s those smallest things in life which are the best and make it all perfect.

First storyesque I’ve written in a while, looking back on a moment, although it was just this afternoon.

The Upturn

The upturn,
The day gone by,
The time.
The small things,
Ready for the new day.

Times over the horizon.
The upturn.
Those times.
Many waiting.
For the chance to be the present.

Those times, renewed.
To be.
A present, waiting their time.
Oh what an upturn I’ve found.
To be alive,
A beautiful symphony.

For all these times ahead.
The times to come.
A time to let the sunshine in,
To let the sun rise,
Over that horizon that was so far.
Now within reach.

The upturn waiting its shine.
Waiting its time now come.
A time that was ever in the waiting.

The upturn that has come.

Wrote this, thinking of this good day gone past. A friend, inviting me out, yet another good time ahead, better ready and able to appreciate it. The many good things, good times. So much. So good. So much in the making.

Giddy Moments

Giddy, happy times.
A smile that cannot be hidden,
Chuckles thinking on the time.
A happiness beyond control.
An erasure of everything from before.

What a time,
Those giddy moments.
Fun times.
Sometimes from nothing,
But those smallest moments,
Those meaningless of times,
Meaningless times…
Ones that make everything.

Those times.
Filled with joy.
Those little times.

Those giddy moments.

Thinking of those smallest moments, those little things that make everything better


Revitalised in place,
A time of times,
Place, picturesque, perfect.
A time to remember.
The place to stay.

The calling of the street to be walked.
A place of the calling.
Seeing me.
All I can.
All to be.

To be.
A glimpse in the waiting.
Place found.
Darkness shed to the past.
Habits left to old.

All forgotten for the bright.
Revitalised in being.
Placed in actuality.
Finally found.
A place found.
Space made.