Little Song

Little song,
Playing in the silence,
Little song radiating across my travel.
Playing on and on.

Its notes caring and kind,
Mesmerising and capturing.
A little song, playing, always.
In those smallest actions,
The fewest of words,
Sweet songs flowing in the wind.

Not a care at all.
Just revelling in the simple bliss.
This… little song.
Unique, free and sweet.
The melody speaking so gentle,
A little song enough to,
Show the sign,
One to shake away the darkness,
To make my own light.

So much,
All there is,
From the slightest whisper of this,
This little song.

More of an abstract symbolic poem. Thinking. Thinking about a lot and trying to write the thoughts to calm them.

Maybe a storyesque? Don’t really know.

Small Acts

Small acts,
Kindness in this world so peaceful.
Making things light.
Those things to hold,

Worry, of those times,
Sweet in themselves, pure and nice.
I sit here. Fearing the loss.
These small moments, small acts.
Determined to push past the fear,
Embracing those times.
The small acts of life.
Small times to make whole.

Sitting, in that moment,
Kept into my brain.
Embedded into my brain,
A small act.

At the same time,
But one of those small acts.

Had a good day, apart from one part, one of the smallest things, which made everything better but my overthinking of it. Fighting it, pondering, being optimistic but also calm.