Little Message

Little message,
Night message.
An end to the day,
Start of a new,
A world opening up.

Odd little message out of the blue.
Odd and good.
Just the times,
Opening the past so good.
A new day over the horizon.

A little message, out of the blue.
The reminder of times to come,
Those times so kind,
Nice and out of the blue,
The blue.

A reminder of the bright day,
Days past.
Those times, encapsulated.
Loving a life lived,
A life tried.

A reminder,
Of it all.

So sweet,
The trial,
The try.

All of life’s sweet moments.
Those greatest times.
The changing of the world.
Making the bright remewed.
Making it whole.

Making that world shine.
This little message,
Out of the blue,

The time,
That time,
All the ones to come,
So bright, radiant and nice.

All from a single,
Little message.

Had a good day, feeling better, lots so good in life. Written, a storyesque, thinking of a particular little message. And ones I have gotten recently, seeing friends, organising to meet up, meeting new friends. Everything good, a reminder, sign, change.