Everything. One Simple Thing.

Everything, one simple thing.
One simple clear ask.
For peace, to go on while always crushed.
Always hurt and never left alone.
One simple thing.
Never left to peace.

All going to black,
All turning in on me,
Everything crushing, hurting.
A piercing pain inside my head.
Wanting peace.

Never allowed,
A simple peace,
A simple time.
Wanting, trying and having everything, thrown back.
By a simple denial,
A denial of a simple request.
A simple time.

Why won’t this torture end.
This enduring, kept, and kept running.
A hurtful spite.
A desolate landscape.

Had a good day, then rough, then turned okay and then worse thinking about why it turned rough.

Worse mood than I’ve had for a while. A simple, clear message. Just want to be left alone apart when necessary. Just want to be left alone. Even right this second everything getting worse. Is it too much to ask for a simple thing. Just to be left alone. Just to be left alone, unless absolutely necessary!

Everything getting worse right now.

Every good thing. Getting worse right now.


Mood change, abruptly ended writing this one. A friend, met a friend by chance and it’s made things a little better, somewhat seeing a small light. Calming down. Trying. Another day ahead, another time to try, another thing to get better.

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