Little Shine

Little shine,
A light at the end of the tunnel,
A little light found.
A time,
A kindness.

Trying. Ever so hard.
Trying, need to keep to the light.
Remember the kindness,
Always, to try,
To try, to care.

Trying, in peace.
Trying to ward away the darkness,
Bringers of horror, to ruin the day.

Trying to hold onto this little ray,
This little light so nice.
A little time, to be,
A little time,
Making things better,
Little by little.
Time by time.

I try,
I try to keep,
This little light alive.
Try to shine.

Always trying, to keep this little shine.

Everything’s a bit better, saw a friend, sat chatting, talking, was really nice. Has totally brightened my day without knowing.

It’s nice, these times, these small uneventful times.
It’s where the nicest memories, nicest people are found.

Giving everything else worth,
To remember these little times.

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