My Mistake

My mistake,
Tragic, silly.
Fragile and unknown,
Until the moment,
The break.

A time.
The fall.
Nice but intricate,
Intricate and failing.
Trying, mood swaying but end.

How these fragile things take hold,
Take, make and break.
Rendering me existing,
Thinking and trapped within my mind.

Trying, thinking and ailing,
My body rendered inert.
Thoughts, the only movement to be seen.

Feelings have left me,
My mistake made.
Trying, thinking, trying to boost.
But left laying awake.

Existing, feeling,
Every moment passing.
I try to gather strength,
But lost to the thinking.

Wrapped around,
In my mistake.

Wrote a good poem in my last post.

But made a mistake when seeing my friend. Can’t explain, it’s stupid and I’m probably overthinking as I always am. But so saddened because of it.

Trying to go to sleep, but will write poetry until I fall. Probably have a long night of poetry writing ahead of me.

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