Silence But For The Mind

Silence but for the mind.
A thought, part of a mosaic,
Part of a greater whole.

The silence surrounding,
Peaceful yet not.

An empty void for an empty void.
Trying, effort trying. Thinking,
Trying to will to action.
Yet not now.
For now there is silence,
For now.
But the mind keeps hold.

Waiting, drifting.
Movements made hard by lack of need.
No need to move when there is nothing to be done.

All there is, is silence.
Silence as I lay here.
Silence as I stay here.

Honestly don’t know how long it’s been since the last post, probably not long. Feels like an hour, effort to do anything. Silence around but my mind.

I occasionally get a will to move and it just ends up a shoulder shrug before stopping. Sometime maybe.

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