To Make Right

To make right,
To try, the memory my fuel,
Through this unfeeling,
I’ll try.
Push through the pain.

To make right the pain,
my life.
To try.

Holding on,
To every kind memory,
My fuel,
The memory to keep going.
Through the pain in which I lie.
Trying to.

Even as the pain claws me back.

To make right.
To right the wrongs,
A fight against my existence.

A fight through the pain.
To see what the new day can bring.
Even as my body,
Tries to give in.
All a trial, to be.

Even as the pain takes hold.
Everything made useless.
Fighting a body, a mind that has given up.

Trying against those ripping me down,
I try.
Oh how I try.

Fighting a body giving up.

All comfort going,
Drifting away.
As I try to make right.

Giving my all,
As it all takes me down.

Trying to make right.
Till given no room to try.
Torn apart,
Drifting into nothingness.

A poison, life, running through,
Into my bones.
Tearing apart.

Tearing whole.
Left with nothing.
Yet I still try.
Everything fighting me,
All the whole way.
Why try.
To end only broken.

But I can try,
Till my body fails.
As I try,
To make right.

Feeling more determined to try and get better. Nice, thinking about seeing my friend, even despite my mistake. It was nice, and brightened up my day.

It was nice, to learn, chat, think and be.

Was nice for a time. Will try to focus on that. At least to try. Maybe in vain.

After writing this I don’t know.
Everything fighting me, all being futile. Left with nothing. Wanting nothing. I try. How I want to. How happiness is a chore, a trial. With everything fighting me back.

Losing all, over and over again. My mind breaking apart.

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